"The GlassKote Process now gives architiects, builders, designers and homeowners a sensational new material to work with; One which has few boundaries or limitations of application or design"

At the heart of the GlassKote process is a scientific Australian innovation, the GlassKote formula. For decades, glass manufacturers have been trying to devise a process for the permanent fixing of colour to glass. Now GlassKote has achieved the breakthrough with a revolutionary agent that is mixed with colour compounds to create a durable colourfast finish to glass.
The real benefit of GlassKote is the almost unlimited palette of colours available and its multitude of applications. The product is now used as external architectural features of buildings, design features of interiors such as foyers and feature wall trims, splash backs in kitchens and bathrooms and present a real alternative to interior and exterior designs.
The colourfastness and durability of the GlassKote treatment has the highest rating in the international glass industry (glass safe approvals).
The cornerstone of the GlassKote service is time and cost efficiency. We can produce any colour quickly and efficiently without the need to produce large run quantities.

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